About Us

We believe:

That children can become more healthy, active, and improve their teamwork ability through sports.


Where it all began

IFA was established in 2015 by myself Ivan Farac.
IFA aims at providing services with specialised early childhood sports, health education and gross motor development classes which cater to all sporting levels, expertise and needs, priding itself on working closely with all children, educators and associates. IFA provides specialised sports classes within early learning centres and school.

Through group training programs, skills and techniques are enhanced. Various drills, and fitness regimes provide the children with a taste of the sporting activity, whilst having fun.

My own experience as a player which took me to Europe and Asia traveling to Korea and training for the Daegu Football Club, as well as, as a coach has allowed me to promote the various games offering unparalleled service to all my coaches and to the children. My ability to effectively and confidently manage my company and team members, management, and the extended community has allowed my company to reach this high calibre.

My aim as a coach is to create a love for sport. I feel passionately about all sports, the rules, and the social, emotional and physical benefits associated with each game. Each program will provide children with the ability to extend their learning opportunities, giving them the confidence to excel in any sport of their choosing.

My aim is to establish strong and lasting relationships between all children and services, ensuring all individual needs are fulfilled.

To further ensure IFA builds strong relations with each and every service, all coaches are encouraged to attend training camps and seminars, learning new skills and techniques, regarding children’s development, whilst incorporating sport and play based learning.


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What we've accomplished:
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Why choose ifa?


Small Groups Big Goals

Smaller groups in child care situations make social interaction much easier. Our soccer programmes are designed around small groups so that no child feels overlooked or overwhelmed. We take the worry out of making new friends by encouraging team play in a fun environment.


Happy Kids Healthy Habits

We aim to make health and fitness fun so that children learn healthy habits early on. Children will learn coordination skills and develop balance and muscle strength while having fun. Soccer and multi sport programs are an ideal way to start good habits which will last a lifetime.


Team Building Tactics

We like to keep our child care sports programs as fluid as possible.  Unstructured play aids social and emotional development, improved communication and cognitive skills. We treat each child as an individual and aim to guide team play whilst making the most of each child’s forte.