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Accept the terms below

a.  All payments for services purchased through the IFA Sports website must be made using Stripe. By making a payment, you represent and warrant that you are the authorised user of the payment method and that sufficient funds or credit are available to complete the transaction.  

b. Should a centre miss a lesson due to a public holiday or, a ‘replacement’ lesson(s) will be organised for a suitable day and time between the centre and IFA Sports

c. Centres are given the opportunity via their booking form, or via email to inform IFA Sports of any class date clashes. All communication from the centre must come through Directors or management and not communicated directly to coaches

d. Should a centre have a lesson(s) clash with any other centre event, such dates need to communicated with IFA Sports with a minimum of 1 week notice prior. There are no refunds or replacement lessons if the centre has not communicated the dates with IFA Sports, one week prior

e. In the rare instance IFA Sports has to cancel lessons due to weather or staff absence a replacement lesson(s) will be organised for a suitable day and time

f. Refunds and credits are not offered when a child is absent from the lesson(s)

g. All lesson plans and curriculum documentation remain the property of IFA Sports and must not be copied, distributed or likewise without prior written consent

h. I confirm that my child has never had any medical conditions that would make it unsafe for them to participate in IFA Sports classes and is not currently receiving treatment for any illnesses or injuries. I have read and agree to IFA’s Code of Conduct and operating rules, and I understand the risks involved in sports. I acknowledge that IFA ensures equipment and facilities are safe and accepts the inherent risks associated with sports.

i. IFA Sports respects your privacy and keeps your personal information secure. We do not share or sell your information. We use it to identify your orders, send our newsletter (if subscribed), and personalise your shopping experience. We use cookies to enhance your browsing and shopping experience and do not store persistent cookies on your computer. We collect IP addresses for security purposes, like tracking your order. You can visit our website without providing personal information. If you choose to provide it, we will only use it for purposes you agreed to, and you can opt out of communications or modify your information by contacting us

j. 30-Day Notice Requirement for Customer Cancellation: As a customer, if you wish to cancel your use of the services provided, you are required to give written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the desired cancellation date

Pay with debit/credit card $59.00 per month