After School Programs


Why choose our after school program?

During school hours many children have a day of books and limited activity. After school is the prime time to express that pent up energy in the form of soccer and multi sports. The sheer exhilaration of running, jumping, stretching and kicking a ball with friends is just what they need. Team play helps to develop creativity and strategic thinking. Children love our fun with fitness after school program.


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What can your child learn?

Interpersonal skills
Teamwork ability
Health and good habits
Soccer Skills

Our Skills & Expertise

Kids love our after school program!
After a day of limited physical activity, they are ready to blow off some steam. And what better way than playing soccer with after school buddies.
Being part of a team helps to develop communication and interpersonal skills.
Children learn the rules of fair play, social interaction and teamwork when they play together as a group. We make it fun to learn new soccer skills and create healthy habits, physically, emotionally and socially.

Why choose ifa?


Small Groups Big Goals

Smaller groups in child care situations make social interaction much easier. Our soccer programmes are designed around small groups so that no child feels overlooked or overwhelmed. We take the worry out of making new friends by encouraging team play in a fun environment.


Happy Kids Healthy Habits

We aim to make health and fitness fun so that children learn healthy habits early on. Children will learn coordination skills and develop balance and muscle strength while having fun. Soccer and multi sport programs are an ideal way to start good habits which will last a lifetime.


Team Building Tactics

We like to keep our child care sports programs as fluid as possible.  Unstructured play aids social and emotional development, improved communication and cognitive skills. We treat each child as an individual and aim to guide team play whilst making the most of each child’s forte.

different sports to choose from


Soccer program

IFA will teach your child to understand the rules of soccer and how teamwork feeds into to end goal. We help them to develop the physical and cognitive skills necessary to become a proficient player.

Whether they are new to the game or well along, we will work at their level and pace to help them to become the best they can be.


Multisport program

For very young children, we like to keep the play fluid and not too structured. Unstructured play aids social and emotional development, improved communication and cognitive skills. Multi sport is very child centred encouraging freedom of movement , expression and imagination.  This type of activity also helps children to find their natural flair enabling them to more finely tune their focus.